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Presentation of the city

Prefecture of Drome, Valence is considered the door of the South of France. Its strategic location in the Rhone Valley, on the border between the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire gives it an historical and fundamental economic role. It is linked to the Dauphiné and still is a step on the way to Compostela. Its architecture is conspicuous by two remarkable buildings: the Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral and Saint-Ruf Abbey.


Our sales activity in Valence

Under its auctioneer activity DE BAECQUE and Associates was pleased to present at a sale October 12, 2013 a beautiful set of paintings Crikor Garabetian. This Armenian artist born in Romania in 1908 arrived in Paris in 1927. During the war he was a prisoner in Germany. Released, he then accompanied a friend in Lyon where he settled permanently and successfully resumed his artistic career. His work is strongly influenced by its origins: it deals with heat and means of contrasting colors his favorite subjects such as family, religion or animated landscapes. The ten paintings came under the fire of the auction will get beautiful results between 500 and € 3,500.