mardi 08 novembre 2022 14:30
LYON - Hôtel des ventes, 70, rue Vendôme 69006 Lyon
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Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - 2:30 pm

Public exhibition:

Tuesday 8 November from 9 am to 12 pm



Responsible for the sale:

Pierre BOURG

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***** : Lots preceded by ***** will require an ID, a valid hunting license or shooting license and a proof of address.

There will be no live on this lot. We thank you to contact the study for any request of participation.

Purchases of category C weapons: The purchaser must present his identity card, his valid French hunting license (2021/2022) or French shooting license only, valid, a proof of residence. Category C weapons will only be issued after consultation of the FINIADA file. Holders of a hunting license must have created their AIS account. The registration of the buyer of a category C weapon in the FINIADA file will automatically invalidate the sale. For foreigners who do not have these papers, they will have to be represented by a French gunsmith for the purchase. HUNTING AND SHOOTING WEAPONS ARE SOLD IN THE STATE

The purchaser of a category B weapon, in addition to producing a valid identity document, must present a copy of both sides of the valid shooting license (2022-2023) stamped by the doctor and the original of the two parts of the prefectural category B authorization. In all cases, if the billing address is different from the one on the identity document sent, proof of address less than 1 month old must be attached. The delivery of the weapon will take place only after consultation of the FINIADA file by a gunsmith.

The registration of the buyer on this file will automatically lead to the nullity of the sale.

Sales conditions