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SAVOY ARMY. 1794. Small notebook in-8, vellum with flap of the time. Small stains from the time. Three leaves torn off. Ex-libris L. Froissart.
Curious and interesting notebook kept by a soldier in 1794. It begins with a "State of the troops of S.M. according to the seniority of their date of formation", from 1577 (Swiss Guards) to 1794 (Savoy Legion). Then the list of the "names of the low officers of the 2nd battalion", a table on the "formation of the regiment of Genevois" carrying the date of Sept. 19, 1794, a series of tables concerning the pay according to the ranks and functions, "manner of announcing the fires and to make them stop", etc. It also mentions more personal information, accounts: "9bre. On the 7th wrote to Lisbon. The 8th paid the wigmaker. The 12 sent in commission to Milan left in post at 6 of the morning returned the 13 at 6 of the morning. On the 17th Bonaparte passed at 6 ½ in the evening. On the 23rd wrote to Josette []".
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