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ORATORIANS OF SAUMUR. André Guéniveau de La Felonnière. Manuscript in Latin, from 1675, in 3 volumes in-4. Bound in contemporary vellum (titles in pen on the spine, with the monogram "AD.G."). Ex-libris L. Froissart.
Manuscript by André Guéniveau de La Felonnière of the course of physics and metaphysics of the R.P. Becheii, to the oratorians of Saumur, in 1675. At the end of each volume, there is this mention: "Ego Andreas Delafeloniere Gueniveau auditor in physica [] sub Reverendissimo patre Becheii orat. Anno 1675". Each volume is enriched by several posters of theses of oratorians of Saumur (about ten in total), printed in Saumur, including that of our student.
Vol 1: Physicae pars altera de cpe sine physica somatica (137 pp.) followed by Liber tertius physicae somatica de cpr vivente quid sit & quotuplex (ca. 80 pp.). Pen drawings in the text.
Vol 2 : Meditationes In Antiquam & In Corruptam sapientum Maxime Arlis phiam (16 pp.) followed by Meditation tertia de metaphisica seu philosophia de ente (96 pp.) + an unbound booklet.
Vol 3 : Meditation 4 de phisica (184 pp.), followed by Meditation 5 & ultima de philosophia morali (65 pp.)
The Oratorians are close to the Jansenists and opposed to the Jesuits. There was a powerful Huguenot party in Saumur until the 17th century. Father Thomassin, an Oratorian, author of the Memoirs on Grace in 1678, very attached to the doctrine of St Augustine, taught it in Saumur to his students before teaching at St Magloire. Saumur had become, under Henry IV, a strongly Protestant town. The king had entrusted the government to his friend Duplessis-Mornay, nicknamed the "Pope of the Huguenots". Bibles, books and pamphlets were printed there and a Protestant academy was founded. When the Edict of Nantes was revoked (10 years after our manuscript), the Protestants went into mass exile and the town's population dropped from 25,000 to 6,000.
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