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ARMY OF THE PRINCES. Manuscript of 350 pp. in-folio. ½ velvet binding of the time (damaged, spine partly torn off), title piece: "Soirées d'un vieux soldat - 1830". Title page : " History of an old soldier of Louis XVI, who emigrated in 1793 and who crossed the revolution in the armed ranks of the emigration and the Vendée ". A fascinating account of a soldier who tells of his peregrinations through the wars of the Revolution in the army of the Princes, in particular during the landing of Quiberon and then in the islands of America. Named Auguste, he was born in Lyon on November 4, 1775, from a family of Lyonnais beginners. The manuscript is divided into 68 chapters which are as many "evenings" of reading: Auguste's youth, departure from Lyon, journey from Lyon to Philippeville, entry into the 11th regiment of mounted chasseurs, death of the King, siege of Lyon, prisoner in Luxembourg, taken to Liège, entry into the lancers of Bouillé, departure for the army, his conduct at the outposts, his horse killed, bivouac, made prisoner again, disembarkation from Quiberon, embarkation for America, the West Indies, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Saint Domingue, evacuation of Port-au-Prince, Jeremie, the St. Nicolas pier, return to France, stay in Rouen then return to Lyon, second trip to America, storm and shipwreck in the port, landing at Cap-Français, island of Tortue, evacuation of Cap-Français, "entry of the negro army", "three months under Dessalines", evacuation of the Cape, Saint-Thomas, Philadelphia, New York, departure for France, landing in Nantes, Restoration, entry of the Bourbons in Paris, Bonaparte returns to Paris, re-entry of the Bourbons in Paris, "the old soldier rewarded It is embellished with engravings (some missing), including a beautiful folding view of Fort Royal de la Martinique.
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