Goldsmiths' and silversmiths' work

Goldsmiths' and silversmiths' work, a priceless treasure trove in the history of the decorative arts, extends from the Haute Epoque to the early 20th century, spanning the periods of the Grand siècle and the Empire. It brings together a vast array of objects of exceptional manufacturing quality, testifying to the skills of master craftsmen.

At the heart of this splendour are unique pieces of silverware, sumptuous mirrors, tableware and majestic chandeliers and clocks.

Our silversmiths are passionate about bringing to light the forgotten treasures of your family heritage. Calling on our expertise services offers a unique opportunity to rediscover unsuspected masterpieces of your heritage, thanks to meticulous identification and archiving work.

With on-site appraisals and our offices in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, we are able to quickly assess a large number of works of art, whether a complete collection or the entire contents of a residence.

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Head of department - Lyon

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