jeudi 06 avril 2023 14:00
Lyon , 70, rue Vendôme 69006 Lyon
Sale information


Thursday April 6th 2023 - 2:30 pm


Jean Marie SARRAU



Responsible for the sale

Pierre BOURG

Public exhibition:

Wednesday April 5 from 2 pm to 6 pm

Thursday April 6 from 9am to 12pm

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***** : Lots preceded by ***** will require identification, a valid hunting license or shooting license and proof of address.

There will be no live on this lot. We thank you to contact the study for any request of participation.

Purchases of category C weapons: The purchaser must present his identity card, his valid French hunting license (2022-2023) or French shooting license only, valid, a proof of residence. Category C weapons will only be issued after consultation of the FINIADA file. Holders of a hunting license must have created their AIS account. The registration of the buyer of a category C weapon in the FINIADA file will automatically invalidate the sale. For foreigners who do not have these papers, they will have to be represented by a French gunsmith for the purchase.

The purchaser of a category B weapon, in addition to producing a valid identity document, must present a copy of both sides of the valid shooting license (2022-2023) stamped by the doctor and the original of the two parts of the prefectural category B authorization. In all cases, if the billing address is different from the one on the identity document sent, proof of address less than 1 month old must be attached. The delivery of the weapon will take place only after consultation of the FINIADA file by a gunsmith. The registration of the buyer on this file will automatically lead to the nullity of the sale.

The weapons of category B, C and D are sold as is. We recommend a revision by an approved professional before any use of them. Concerning the weapons of collection, those do not have any more vocation to draw, we thus strongly advise against any use not framed by a professional and except shooting range.

Sales conditions