Charity Auction Venus 2020 - Fight against breast cancer

lundi 23 novembre 2020 18:30
Vente online du 19 au 23 novembre -
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Opening of the auction on Thursday 19 November at 6:30 pm - closing of the auction on 23 November at 6:30 pm :
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Venus is a charity project committed to the prevention of breast cancer. Its originality lies in an association between Art and Health.
Vénus is an action of the art centers Spacejunk Lyon and Grenoble.
Each year a hundred women are mobilized to be photographed the naked bust. Their photo are then customized by artists and during socio-artistic workshops.
Through artistic creation, this project allows women to gain self-confidence, to accept their bodies and especially to demystify the taboos around cancer. This year, 89 works were created by plastic artists who all have a common goal: to offer an artistic and personal look at women's bodies, demystifying the taboos related to breast cancer. No limits are imposed on them, just like on the workshops. The only guideline is to be aware that each work is made with 6 hands, the model who poses, the photographer and finally the plastician who comes to highlight the whole. Coming from different universes, the artists voluntarily participate in the project.
Each year, the project closes with the auction of works of art. Part of the profits are donated to the Europa Donna association and the Isère committee of the Ligue contre le Cancer. The mission of these two structures is to inform, support and accompany women affected by the disease and their loved ones.
Buying a Venus artwork is thus contributing to support women affected by breast cancer that this situation has put in difficulty. In the current health context, this help is even more precious because many cases are appearing because they were not diagnosed this year.
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