Montélimar auctions

Next day of expertise

For the valuation of paintings, art objects, jewellery, books, photographs and all types of objects, take advantage of our day of expertise outside the walls.
Appointment Monday, October 21, 2019 for a day of free and confidential estimates with Jean-Marie Sarrau.

Address : Sphinx Hotel
19 Boulevard Marre Desmarais, 26200 Montélimar
Phone : 04 75 01 86 64

Presentation of the city

Located in the south-east of France, in the department of Drôme, Montélimar is also called "the gateway to Provence". Known for its famous nougat, Montélimar is the ideal city to taste Provençal life with its traditional biscuits, Provençal markets, rivers and wine estates in the surrounding area, not to mention the sweet smell of lavender. For the cultural aspect, the castle of the Adhémar is a treasure of medieval architecture overlooking the city with all its height. Finally, for those who prefer museums, the choice will have to be between natural history, fighter aviation and contemporary art.