Félice BEATO (1832-1909). Views of Japan,... - Lot 373 - De Baecque et Associés

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Félice BEATO (1832-1909). Views of Japan,... - Lot 373 - De Baecque et Associés
Félice BEATO (1832-1909). Views of Japan, circa 1868/1870
Sublime album contenant 50 tirages albuminés, dont 20 types finement rehaussés en couleur et 30 vues de paysages, sites, monuments en majorité animé. La plupart des épreuves, aux tonalités remarquables pour la majorité, sont agrémentées d'une longue légende imprimée en anglais collée en regard, d'autres titrés au crayon sous les tirages
Country girl in out-door or travelling costume, Japanese doctor and patient, Barbers, Street actors, Kango Bearers, «Shariki, «or cart pushing coolies, Bettoes, or grooms (tatouage), A social meal, Mode of shampooing, Coolies group, Courier or postman, Yakonins in fire dress, Priests or zen shu, Group of Japanese officiers part of the Tycoons Body Guard, Koboto
Santaro, Sisters, Ancien armoir, Mother and child, View of the Tokaido, Time bell at Yedo, Satsuma's palace - Yedo, The temple of Hatchiman - Kamakura, View of the new road - Mississippi bay, Atsunghi, Temple of Dai-Oon-Ji - Nagasaki, Fusi-Yama, from the new road, Garden at Harra, Bridge at Omia, Garden and house of the high priest of Fusi-Yama at
Omia, Bronze statue of Jeso Sama - Hakoni Lake, Garden at Hatta - between Odowara and Hakoni, Tea house known as the tycoon's halting place, Harra, View from the Tycoon Palace - Yedo, Tea Houses at Ogee - Yedo, Belfry of a temple, View at Eiyama, View of the harbour - Nagasaki, The bronze statue of Dai-Bouts, View on the Tokaido, the spot where
Mr. Richardson was murdered, Great bell at the temple of Kobo-Daishi near Kawasaki, Hara-Matchida, The Tokaido, Kamakura, Temple street, native town - Nagasaki, Kamakura - Temple of Hatchiman, Desima, House boat.
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