(1507). HEURES A L'USAIGE DE ROME tout au... - Lot 41 - De Baecque et Associés

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(1507). HEURES A L'USAIGE DE ROME tout au... - Lot 41 - De Baecque et Associés
(1507). HEURES A L'USAIGE DE ROME tout au long sans rien requerir. With figures of the life of man and the destruction of Hierusalem. At the end: Les présentes heures... ont été nouvellement imprimées à Paris par Guillaume Anabat... pour Gillet Hardouyn... et Germain Hardouyn, (cal. de 1507 à 1520). 1 volume, large in-8 (210 x 126), 116 leaves, Gothic script, lavaliere morocco, wide gilt decoration with small irons on the boards in a succession of frieze frames, foliage decoration in the center with the gilt initials F.A.T. in a medallion, smooth spine decorated with the same, 4 green, white and pink silk bookmarks, the ends of which are joined together in a small gusset embroidered with gold thread, gilt edges, one chased clasp (of 2). (early 17th century binding). Superb copy printed on vellum, with all figures, large and small, miniaturized, with gold highlights in the period. In addition to the Hardouyn centaur mark and the anatomical man framed by 4 vignettes, the very rich illustration is made up of 19 LARGE FIGURES, 24 SMALLER FIGURES and wide, rich borders, featuring loves supporting garlands, antique-style foliage, medallions with helmeted heads, religious or military scenes... The large figures - very well done and fine, in rich portico frames - represent: St. John Poisoned (8v) - Christ's Arrest (11v) - The 4 Virtues (16v) - Annunciation (17r) - Sybil of Tibur (24r) - Flagellation (28v) - Crucifixion (29r) - Pentecost (30r) - Nativity (31r) - Song of David (34r) - Adoration of the Magi (37r) - Adoration of the Wise Men (37r) - The Nativity (31r) - The Crucifixion (29r). Adoration of the Magi (37r) - Presentation in the Temple (40r) - Flight into Egypt (43) - The Dormition of the Virgin Mary (47r) - Davide and Uriah (55v) - Death of Uriah (56r) - Parable of Lazarus (64r) - Resurrection of Lazarus (65v) - Assumption (100r). The figure of the flagellation and that of the Virgin surrounded by her mystical attributes are particularly beautiful and large (165 x 105). A very fresh copy, with initials and line ends painted in gold on a colored background. The 4 bookmarks are held together by gold thread in a small gold-embroidered fabric gusset, probably intended to enclose a relic. After X-raying and scanning the gusset (we thank Madame Cécile Delpech, bibliophile-dentist, for her help), it could contain hair, but impossible to detect. A few minor flaws and traces of soiling. (Lacombe, n°159, small diff.) (Brun, p. 210) (Mortimer, French n°295) (Brunet V, p.1633 n°229).
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