Emile PUIFORCAT Spectacular and important... - Lot 416 - De Baecque et Associés

Lot 416
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6000 - 8000 EUR
Emile PUIFORCAT Spectacular and important... - Lot 416 - De Baecque et Associés
Emile PUIFORCAT Spectacular and important silver menagère of two hundred and seventy-four pieces in an oak transport box with five drawers, the lid engraved with the figure of the cutlery, retractable side handles, Renaissance Palms model decorated with leaves and flowers, engraved with PS interlaced. It includes : - first drawer : forty-eight large forks (4 372 g), thirty large spoons (4317 g) - second drawer : thirty-six large knives with steel blade, eighteen oyster forks on handle, spoons and silver ferrules, an hors d'oeuvre service on handle, spoon and silver fork - third drawer : eighteen entremet cutlery sets (1 910 g), eighteen small spoons (482 g), a sprinkling spoon (small lacks, 64 g), two compote spoons (148 g), a sugar tongs (74 g), a butter knife on handle, silver blade and ferrule, a cheese knife on handle steel blade damascened - fourth drawer : eighteen cheese knives on steel blade handle, eighteen entremet knives on silver blade and ferrule handle, eighteen melon forks on silver fork and ferrule handle, six engraved salt shovels (50 g) - fifth drawer, half of which has a double compartment: two sauce spoons (222 g), one serving spoon on silver handle, stem, spoon and ferrule, one serving fork on silver handle, stem, fork and ferrule, one pair of silver and steel grape scissors, one game serving utensil, steel blade and fork, one carving utensil, steel blade and fork, a serape and an ice-cream scoop on silver handle, spoon, cutting edge and ferrule, a fish trowel on silver handle, a pie scoop on silver handle, a leg of lamb handle on silver metal handle (one screw missing), two fruit spoons (176 g), two serving spoons (252 g), a ladle (257 g) Marked : Minerve, First Title Master Goldsmith : Émile PUIFORCAT Weight : about 10 532 g Gross weight of the pieces on a silver handle : 2 855 g H. case : 35,5 cm - W. 52,5 cm - D. 38 cm All the handles are engraved. Condition of use, cracks in the handles, some deformations, probably missing an asparagus shovel, trunk: missing the lock entrance and the key, small accident to the drawer, joint: two English silver salt shovels, London, weight: 14 g ML
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