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MUSIC. Set of 122 mitered letters, in one volume ½ cornered chagrin (19th century binding) with gilt title "Autographs". List attached.
Among the most significant letters:
- Franz LISZT [to Victor Hugo, according to the enclosed list], 1 p. in-8. "I do not know how to thank you in any other way, dear excellent friend, than by importuning you again. So come tomorrow evening and forgive me for not having been able to come and shake your hand yet". Mention on the back "given by Mr. Robelin".
- Richard WAGNER [to Count Foucher de Careil], 2 pp. in-8. Written from Paris, 16 rue Newton. "Believe me well flattered by your kind invitation. At the moment I am still so exhausted and suffering from the fatigues of the last few days that I must ask you to grant me a delay of 24 hours so that I can tell you if it will be possible for me to come tomorrow evening [] ".
- Hector BERLIOZ to Morel, 1 p. in-8. Invitation to dinner. "In the evening we will sing some nonsense []. I have a great thing to tell you (musical)".
- Hector BERLIOZ to Victor Hugo. 1 p. in-8, a little chipped on the right side with damage to the text, address on the back "Monsieur V. Hugo au théâtre de la Porte St Martin". "Mr and Mrs Berlioz have the honour of greeting Mr V. Hugo and reminding him that they need your Marie Tudor; art being for them a religion of which M. Hugo is the high priest. Perhaps it will be possible for Mr. Hugo to have two seats for next Saturday, or more. A thousand compliments.
- Giuseppe VERDI to Léon Escudier. ½ p. in-8. In Italian
- Gioachino ROSSINI to Michele Caraffa. ½ p. in-4. Musical letter written from Bologna, in Italian.
- Vincenzo BELLINI. Rare autograph note signed to Michele Caraffa. Paris, April 8, 1834.
- Among other authors: Princess Christine de Belgiojoso, Baroilhet (to Halévy), Adolphe Nourrit (to Véron), Julia Grisi (to Vatel), Pauline Viardot (to Mme Dubuffe), Manuel Garcia, Eugénie Garcia, Mme Sabatier (to Kontsky), Francis Planté, Eugène Vivier, Sigismond Thalberg, Charles-Valentin Alkan (to Zimmerman), Kontsky (to Zimmerman) and Zimmerman to Kontsky, Kalkbrenner (to Zimmerman), Félix Le Couppey, Mathilde Marchesi, Romagnesi, Reyer Ferdinand Heller, Louise Farrenc, Gustave Nadaud (ms musical), Léo Delibes, Fétis, Hippolyte Monpou, Ambroise Thomas (to Charles Gounod), Adolphe Adam, Charles Gounod, Auber, Halévy, Michele Caraffa, Meyerbeer (2, including one to Victor Hugo according to the attached list), Luigi Cherubini, Gaspare Spontini (to Emile Deschamps), Paër, Desaugiers, Mlle Bigottini, Mlle George, Alexandre Dumas père (2, to Bardel and Alexis Dupont), Adelina Patti, etc.
A letter from Lyautey and one from Mistral are enclosed.
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