Max JACOB (1876-1944)

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Max JACOB (1876-1944)
Max JACOB (1876-1944). Important set of 6 autograph manuscripts. - Invocation. S.d. 2 pp. large in-4, small tears without missing. Text on sins, a sort of mea culpa by Max Jacob, developed in 3 points: I. Sin is attributable to Adam's fault: "Man, despite his evil nature, is still guilty". II. "I am more guilty of sin than any other: 1° Because I studied philosophy in high school and learned to exercise my mind, to read books on morality and analysis; 2° Because I was favoured with a conversion by God; 3° Because I apparently live a Christian life, my sin is a denial of this life and is doubled by a scandalous lie 4° because having, as a result of the numerous circumstances of my life, a greater number of eyes fixed on me, the example of my sins is more harmful than the example given by some unknown solitary. 5. because my sins are weaknesses and all weaknesses are animal []. III. "How to get out of sin []", reflections which he develops in five paragraphs. - Death. S.d. 4 pp. in-4, on 2 sheets numbered "191+" and "192" in red pencil. On death and his dissolute life. "Purity and perfection, I evoke you, I greet you! Here comes the age and I must think that the moment of death is approaching. Where my corpse will be I know not, but one day this flesh so alive will be a hard stone []. Maybe or tomorrow or in a few days I will be in a hospital bed or in this room or in Quimper with my brothers. Here I am lying here, waiting for death []. In what state will I appear before my judge: not very white after having let myself go to all my flesh, to all my words without supervision, without examination, to all my wickedness. You can see your life: your cynicism, your impudence []. It is too late! Your life is rotten! []. God does not forgive scandal and your life was a perpetual scandal []. You have carried your vices with you... My God I am a wretch who suffers from being such a bad student and from being led into abominations []. » - On suffering. S.d. 1 p. in-8: "Suffering is the means of conquering God []. Suffering comes from our attachment to the earth which is demonic []. Let us train ourselves to suffer well. My God, refine my heart and my body a little so that I suffer more and better. Give as a goal to my life not well-being and faith but on the contrary the acceptance of the pains and horrors of the earth and the patience which is suffering. - Small text on the Gospel. S.d. ¼ p. in-8. "In the hazel trees, in the narrow corridor of the hazel trees that protect a dark stream, I have found on the tripod of the branches a small, well-bound book: it will be the source of my mind and my heart: the Gospel". - Religious meditation on carnal temptations, decorated with a small ink drawing of a young woman. S.d. 2 pp. in-4. Imagine the beauty, the nobility, the goodness of beings, their love for one another, their words full of perfection, science, elegance and art. O my God, have I served you enough to have the right to a place in this universe. I know how sensual and selfish I am []. What pride mingles with my best attempts. I know my human needs of the flesh and I know your mercy in this place. I am not a saint, but you know the pains of a life of poverty, humiliations, mockery, dependencies, bondage, weakness. You know that I have given more than I have received, that I have not desired wealth beyond measure []". - Autograph manuscript. S.d. 2 pp. small in-4, bearing the number "218" in red pencil. A true examination of conscience without bluntness. "It is the abominable man who comes to you [] what is frightening is to have started again every day since one is in the world. Life is a pullulent sin, the look is a sin, the words are a sin, the gestures are sins for me at least []. Have not my instincts thrown me without will into all the lowest ignominy []. Cure me of stupidity []. If I lived by my wits I would not need vices to distract me []. And peace with publishers []. No I am not good, I am sensual and proud []. I have desired the evil of others []. I am low and coarse, rustic, ignoble []. I love luxury, luxurious people, the arts. I am proud of my connections. No, I do not bring peace; I slander. I mock, I am carried away, grotesque, thoughtless, untamed []. And I am self-serving and proud. I think only of money []".
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