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Presentation of the city

Capital of Isère, Grenoble is the capital of the Dauphiné. Its history spans 2,000 years: a Gallic village called Cularo it becomes Gratianopolis then the capital of the Counts of Albon in the eleventh century. Annexed to France in the fourteenth century, it will be a strategic and military Parliamentary border town of Savoy. It turns into innovative science center with white coal (hydro) in the nineteenth century. It receives the Winter Olympics in 1968.


Our sales activity in Grenoble

From the Auction House DE BAECQUE and Associates regularly welcomes major auction treasures of the city including the Museum of Fine Arts founded by Louis-Joseph Jay in 1798 is one of the richest in France and seeks to put his cultural heritage value. Thus, 5 November 2011 was presented a gouache Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967) representing a young woman with bouquet, dated 1934. Our Piece came (in 1930) of the St. Louis gallery of Grenoble who exhibited Zadkine on the advice of Andry-Farcy, innovative and inspired curator of the Museum of Modern Art in the city. It is not uncommon to find in the pages of our catalogs stamped furniture HACHE in GRENOBLE: October 20, 2012, a beautiful office lady cylinder of the cabinetmaker was awarded € 15,500 hammer. From DE BAECQUE and Associates has also developed a specialty of ancient and modern books. July 7, 2011 was presented a rare original edition of Stendhal (Henri Beyle said), Memoirs of a Tourist, Paris, Ambroise DUPONT, 1838. The two volumes were awarded € 1,500 on an estimate of 200 to 300 €.